by c.b.m

Self love,the golden ingredient!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Let’s talk about the most important person on earth,……you. What do you think about yourself as a person.Do you love yourself enough?Do you treasure your life enough?Are you comfortable with the way you are?
Well sweetie,you should strive to answer yes to those few questions I’ve asked.If your answer’s no though,don’t worry,you’re not abnormal or from a mysterious planet,no!Sometimes we all feel that way,we feel small,we feel unworthy and unloved,we feel like dirt in a golden world .Well it happens,but we should strive to block that and fight such feelings,right?

What if I told you there’s a way to escape from that dark and dull side of life.I mean it’s too boring and draining.Well ,you know what,there is!Grab my hand and find out how to live on the lighter side of life with satisfaction.How to have no regrets and gain full confidence. Woosh…..Let’s go!

I will give you one simple and practical way to love your life and live fully.

Okay,let’s dig in without wasting time. Drumroll……….
And here we have it,the main ingredient ,the golden spice that will give you wings and will turn you into pixie dust (not literally lol).

1:  Realizing you are unique,accepting all your positives and flaws and not looking at yourself through  other people’s eyes

Have you ever looked at a person and just felt great admiration for them.Did you find them pretty or handsome.Did they seem so sophisticated?Did they just seem out of this world?Well I have,and I decided to do the same with myself .Since we spend 365 and a quarter days with this being called the “self”,we forget how unique we are and how precious we are. Hmn ,I mean we’ve seen it all, right?What’s new and exciting about ourselves?Nothing right?WRONG!!!!We are more than special,more than beautiful,more than handsome,more than worthy and guess what?We spend every second with us!Wow, we spend every second of the decade with VIPs.That’s us.How lucky we are!

May you redirect some of your adoration for other people towards yourself.You know what,your body and soul deserves love.It’s a right and if you ever deprive yourself of this right,then you are being cruel towards yourself.This self love I’m talking about begins with acknowledging that you are unique.The world would be a totally boring place without you.The earth is full of gazillions of people and each one of them with their different way of spicing it up.You are one of them and are unique,I don’t know if you are a gummybear-orange-chip spice,or honey-sugarplum-barbecue sauce,but even if it may seem weird in other’s eyes,embrace yourself that way.It’s your flavour and the earth would be one flavour down if it weren’t for you.

Imagine if we only ate one type of food on earth,your favourite food,all day,everyday,all year.Would you still like it?Personally I wouldn’t.Why?Because there is need for diversity!Let’s take a step further.Imagine if the world population constituted of one type of person,with the same face,the same traits,the same body,the same
height,the same ……. EVERYTHIIIIING!!!It would be the most boring place in the galaxy,I wouldn’t want to live in it.Why?Because diversity is what brings colour and life.I add my green,you add your pink,another adds their yellow,and we have life.So you see,your difference from the person next to you is a necessity on earth,it’s essential for the universe to properly run.Realise you are different and embrace that.Never compare yourself to the person next to you because you can never and should never be them.Your purpose on earth is to be YOU.

Disappointment in life comes when we look at ourselves through other’s eyes,when we tag our price based on outsiders’ opinions.We shouldn’t do that,no.Even if one receives love from the whole galaxy,without self love,life will still remain meaningless and dull.Self acceptance and self love is the first step if we are to enjoy life.If a daisy were to look at itself through the eyes of a caterpillar,it would always think it’s ugly since caterpillars eat and destroy daisies,not noticing their beauty.But would you find a daisy to be ugly?Maybe,but I wouldn’t. Lesson learnt?Beauty values and worthiness differ per person.If you try to get everyone’s acknowledgement,you will fail and will be disappointed.Solution?Accept yourself as you are.Simple!Do you wonder why you can’t fit into other people’s space?Because you haven’t realized that your world is best and are trying to live in the one someone else built for themselves.What’s the problem with that?It’s like trying to fit a square into a triangular box of the same size.It won’t work because both shapes are different and unique and should just stay the way they are.If you accept your world and have a strong foundation,then and only then can you feel free to confidently mix with others and build each other.

Do yourself a favour,stand in front of a mirror every morning,look yourself in the eyes,appreciate what you see,and tell yourself, “I LOVE YOU”.Take note of all your positive attributes and give yourself a high five.Appreciate yourself and think of how lucky the earth is to have you as a part of it.You know when they talk the “human race” ,you’re included on that list.Understand that if one part that’s on you were to be changed,then you wouldn’t be you.I do this everyday and it works wonders.Not too long ago,I was a shy person who believed everything people said about me.I was the person THEY moulded.If they told me I was unintelligent,I believed that.If they said I was not worth it,I believed it.If they said I was too slim,I felt that.If they said I just looked terrible,then terrible I was.I had no happiness and confidence at all because I tried to live out their view of perfect and never considered mine but one day I decided to put an end to it and just embrace ME.From then on my life has been the best!I walk with my head held high and never colour myself with other people’s paint.I believe I am enough and tell myself so every chance I get.You should try it out and should also try some mental makeovers on Pinterest,they’ve helped me a lot.Start the journey to self acceptance now!You will love it,I promise.The destination is beautiful.

Okay,that’s it for now.Hope you learnt something.Do try and apply this in your life and see the great difference.Remember there never was someone like you in the past,there is no one like you in the present and there will never be one in the future too.Love yourself like that!
I can’t wait to share more with you.

Affirmations:I deserve to be loved by me.I am unique.There is no one else like me from head to toe.I am a limited edition.I love me like that!

Till next time,bye .Remember to shine and give yourself some love.You’re special darling.


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How perfectionism destroys.

Perfectionism is the refusal to accept anything short of perfection. This means you want everything 100% perfect and you leave no room for any mistakes or failure. Perfectionists focus on the black dot and pay no attention to the rest of the white sheet. Their aim is to work to get rid of the dot whilst totally disregarding and appreciating the clean part. One may ask, “Well what’s wrong with that?I mean there’s no problem with 100% perfection is there?” If you have questions like this,then you’re the person I’m talking about and the answer is that there is a huge problem with that. The problem is the moment one fails to attain perfection,they demean themselves and feel worthless despite all their hard work. Perfectionists are too hard on themselves and never appreciate themselves .For every 99% achievement,they choose to just look at the 1% faulty part. I must admit,this was me a year ago;in fact,I’m still working on it but it’s a bit better now .As someone who has experienced it,let me tell you why you should escape from this .I’ll explain to you what a difficult life you will lead if you want all things perfect. Here are characteristics of perfectionists:

1:You are always on the edge and insecure
Since there is no room for mistakes,you will always stay fearful and anxious as you think of all the things that could go wrong in your life .You don’t count all the potential successes;they don’t matter to you .All you care about is fixing things before they even go wrong. All this is tiresome and will wear you down because you will never be at ease or feel calm .You will always feel like life’s attacking you and spoiling everything.

2:You will have very little confidence
Due to the fact that you are chasing after perfection and are always criticizing yourself for all the things that go wrong in your life,you feel worthless .In your mind,you are always doing things wrong and you don’t deserve any appreciation. Over time you will find that whenever you walk into a room full of people,all you think about is what could be possibly wrong with you;your appearance and character .You will get used to belittling yourself and once this cycle starts,it will get worse and worse until you get to a point where your self esteem is at 0%.

3:You will never be satisfied
Yes,not even if you have the whole earth to yourself. Even if you receive the most precious gift you could ever think of;it won’t be able to satisfy you. Why?Because all you’re used to looking at is what’s lacking or what’s going wrong. You might be happy with what you get,but once you have it you end up shifting your focus and coming up with another great demand .This puts pressure on you and others as you start chasing that new goal so that soon you can come up with an even greater demand. Look at this cycle;it’s so tiresome .I mean there’s no finish line here .Though this could bring you success,if your drive is perfection then you will forever be an empty soul,running a race that has no end!

4:You will have no joy
This is linked to my previous point. Since you will never get perfection,you will forever be sad as all you will be thinking about is what’s going wrong and what you failed to attain. Never will you look at the positive and celebrate because all you will be thinking of is the tiny failure. This is a prison;it’s self torture. It’s the worst you can do to yourself so it’s best you escape from it.

Accept that nothing can ever be perfect and stop being hard on yourself .Free yourself from this jail and let life just flow. Learn to celebrate your successes and look less at the negative side .Be flexible when you make life plans and leave room for failure and a few glitches .All that matters is maximum effort and self appreciation. Then you will see the beauty of life and thoroughly enjoy it!
Keep shining,stay strong and go easy on yourself!


🌼Be happy today because tomorrow’s not promised.🌼

Value this second, it’s uncertain what will happen in the next one!

One thing I hope to do is to live my life fully,to love wholeheartedly,laugh loudly,smile brightly and just cherish every moment so that at the end of my life story,I’ll have no regrets.

What’s my greatest fear?Knowing that one day I won’t be a part of this earth;that one day I will be gone ,surviving only as a memory in my loved ones’ hearts.Whenever I feel anxious or worried about any problem I might face in the future,a talk with my mom is an instant cure as she reassures me that everything will be okay but when it comes to this issue,I know for sure that even she can’t take my worries away because no one knows about the future.No one knows where life’s boundary ends,not even me as I write this.It’s all uncertain.

We should however avoid dwelling on that because our purpose here on earth is to live and cherish every moment.It’s to make the most of the precious gift of life that we got.To live in gratitude and never waste any second.

I made a decision to plan carefully and work hard to ensure I have a good bright future and at the same time make sure I’m happy in the present.I resolved to live each day with gratitude,to express my love to my family and friends oplenly, to spoil myself,learn new fun skills,laugh a lot,play a lot and just enjoy.Why?Because this second I’m living in is the only one I’m sure of so I should make the best use of it.I don’t know what will happen in a minute from now but I’m sure of what is happening right at this time,so I will make sure to enjoy it.I’d really advise you all to live a life you will not regret,to just be happy and strive to touch a soul and make a difference.Be kind , always smile and live life to the fullest. However don’t neglect your future and plan it in such a way that you won’t regret it.Live in such a way that you wouldn’t regret it if this day were the last and at the same time in a way that you’d be proud of yourself if you had a hundred more years ahead of you.Take note that there is a huge difference between being reckless and having fun and be careful not to destroy your life all in the name of enjoying the moment because even though tomorrow’s not promised,that doesn’t mean it definitely won’t come.In other words,balance your present and your future to enjoy life fully.

Let me encourage you all to never take life for granted,to realize that it’s a gift we got and cherish it greatly.We are jewels,we a precious and our lives are meant to shine because we are great!Let’s live all our days with gratitude bearing in mind that we are the best!Love with all your heart,laugh heartily,spend time with those who appreciate you and just enjoy as you live life with positivity!

I’ll leave you with this quote , ” Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal.Live this day as if it were your last.The past is over and gone.The future is not guaranteed. “Wayne Dyer.

Lots of love


Failure:An inevitable part of life.

Hey lovelies!

Today,I’m writing after having actually failed.I woke up on the right side of the bed;geared to escape from the rut I’ve been stuck in for a while (yay),well that was until I received some unpleasant news.I’d failed in something I wasn’t quite expecting to.Wait,what?I’d FAILED?FAILED!!Well that was my reaction when I first opened my mail but after some time I thought about the motivation I always give people ,telling them that failure is only a temporary setback and is not permanent.I realized that this statement is easier said than done due to the way I was feeling but wait;just because it’s not easy,doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

How did I get out of this?I’ll tell you.

1: I came to terms the fact that failure is part of life and gave myself time to feel sad.

There is no fixed list with names of who can and who can’t fail;we all can and will go through plenty of times where we face failure in our lives.It’s nothing out of the ordinary.It’s part of life and accepting it is the only way to move on and start working on our bright futures.Well,due to the fact that I’m human,it’s quite unreasonable to tell myself to miraculously not feel bad when things don’t go my way.I mean,it’s an emotion that was made a part of me which means it’s meant to be felt.It’s part of the healing process,so I should be honest with myself and not try to hide my true feelings.I took a brain dump (pouring out all my feelings on paper)and was brutally honest with myself and how I was feeling at the moment and tell you what?I felt better because I knew what problem I was addressing now.In the past,I thought that ignoring what I felt would make it go away.I thought pretending I never felt anything would turn that into my reality but now I realised that direct confrontation of my feelings is the way to go.I regret not doing it in the past.Ignoring how I felt and thinking I was not allowed to feel that way only left me with a heavy burden that was quite painful as I could not pinpoint where exactly it was coming from.It was a burden caused by heaps of past unexpressed emotions and it left me suffocated,exhausted and demotivated.

2: I made sure not to be sad for too long.

Realizing that dwelling on one’s failure for too long is toxic really helps.After giving yourself a chance to cry and throw tantrums,you have to realize that time is moving and the future is waiting for you to make your next move and plan on your next success.Feeling sad for too long can block you from making positive future choices.It would be great if you mourn for what’s lost whilst being optimistic about the future.Remember you still have a beautiful life ahead of you.Take this failure as a lesson to help you improve next time.

3: I thought of my past failures and successes and how I survived.

Looking back,I realized that I’ve overcome numerous obstacles;some which at the times they came I never thought I would escape from.This gave me power as I thought of how in the next week,my failure would be history.I also thought of my successes and felt great as I told myself I could accomplish more just like I once did in the past.I realized that my past failures never killed me;that my terrible memories never stopped me from moving on.Instead of letting this pull me do wn,it made me realize that I am a conqueror indeed and though I might fall,It’s all part of the ups and downs of life.

4 : I talked to someone close.

Talking about my disappointment and getting a shoulder to lean on really helps.I got some encouragement from someone who faced the same disappointment , got through it and is now planning for the future.Talk to anyone you can trust,whether or not they’ve been through the same situation.It helps,a lot!You really feel like you’re not alone.

4 : I moved on.

Yep,you heard me.I moved on.After giving myself time to cry over it,I decided I’d make my future better and brace myself for all the adventure that awaits me.Now I’m working on making myself better and learning what I did wrong so as to avoid it in the future.Instead of bringing me down,this failure has sharpened me and made me stronger!I’m glad I practiced what I always preach.


Failure is part of life and how you decide to deal with it determines whether you will never rise or you will become stronger.Don’t be too hard on yourself and accept it as part of you,just like success is.Remember everyday that you will get there but on the way you will fall one or two times.It’s up to you whether you let that define you or whether you will defy it and soar.I’d advise you to pick the latter.

Keep shining and soaring high up in the galaxy!Never be afraid to chase your dreams.



Hey!! I’m really excited to be starting this blog and really hope it will grow you as much as it does me.If you’re wondering about me,I’m one enthusiastic person who enjoys sharing my thoughts and inspiring people everywhere.My mission in life is to be that ray of sunshine in everyone’s life,to be a strong foundation and build everyone I come across .I love laughing and spreading the laughter all around me.I’m a work in progress but I believe I can share one of two things that can help.Dive in as I share my thoughts with you on how to live a fulfilling life.Enjoy,learn and grow. As we take this walk together,I wish you joy,laughter,peace and progress. Cheers!

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